Freezing egg cells -
an option for me?

Social freezing is on everyone's lips. But for whom would it be suitable? And how does it work? We courteously invite you to join us in exploring the subject.

You are
in the prime of life

You are probably a woman in the prime of life - i.e. in you early or mid-twenties, maybe in your mid-thirties, your life is exciting and everything but humdrum: you are building up your professional qualifications, striving for your goals with determination - be it for a degree or in a job that might even be abroad: London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai... The list of possible stations that will look good in a CV is long - but there is also one stopover that you would especially like to make before you fulfil another great lifelong dream of yours: a child.

You are
in the midst of life

Even with all its professional milestones, life would only be half as wonderful if one thing were missing: love. You are in love! Not only with the pleasant aspects of life - but also with men. Bearded or not. With a great car or a cool bike. And mostly with the same career ambitions as you. It can therefore happen that you fall out of love again just as quickly. For a huge variety of reasons, naturally. But what sometimes does play a part in this is that you are both agile and flexible and that the time just does not seem right yet for long-term commitments and starting a family.

But the clock ticks on, remorselessly

And the times are not getting slower, rather the opposite. But stop, wasn't there something else: the desire for your own child? The older you get, the greater its urgency. But what can you do? Make precautionary peace with the idea of adopting a child? Or social freezing? To have egg cells collected, frozen, and then inseminated with the sperm of your life partner and retransferred to your womb at a later date?
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The MVZ PAN Institute's team for endocrinology and reproductive medicine

To make your wish for a child a reality, our interdisciplinary team at the MVZ PAN Institute works at the latest state of the art: endocrinologists and specialists in reproductive medicine, reproductive biologists, gynaecological surgeons, human geneticists and psychologists - all of them dedicated to helping you fulfil it. Integration in the PAN Clinic furthermore enables us to closely cooperate with urologists and anaesthetists. The benefit for you: in our "clinic within a clinic", you will find all the required medical fields under a single roof. Which translates into conveniently short routes, as well as a holistic treatment and the highest level of support.

Social freezing
You ask - we answer

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Test yourself.
Is social freezing an option for me?

  • Could I imagine injecting hormones into my abdominal wall to stimulate the production of ova?
  • Could I also imagine having these egg cells removed by suction in a minor procedure under anaesthesia?
  • Is it conceivable that the right life partner will come into my life in the space of the next years?
  • Would I be prepared to have fertilized egg cells implanted in the hope for a pregnancy then, at the latest?
  • Am I willing to spend a considerable amount of money on social freezing and the procedure required thereafter?
  • Would it also be OK for me if my attempt to have a child this way were to fail, against all expectations to the contrary?

How does it work?

Arrangement of an appointment by telephone or online
Extensive counselling discussions
Stimulation of the patient at home
Outpatient collection of egg cells
Rapid freezing at -196°C
Safe storage of the egg cells
In vitro fertilization

What do we think of social freezing as doctors?

Having read above outline scenario and after considering these issues for yourself, you may now think: My God, they must be exaggerating! We are of course aware of the fact that social freezing is not just a question of lifestyle. It can even have a very serious background - for example if you are about to undergo chemotherapy and would like to have unpolluted egg cells frozen beforehand. But it is also indeed a subject that is closely linked with humanity's modern lifestyles - and one we not only approach with great experience in cryopreservation, but also with a great sense of responsibility. Which is also why we rely on individual counselling and targeted diagnostics in this regard, in order to be able to assess your personal situation precisely. We would therefore like to discuss above issues with you face-to-face. This will enable us to help you and provide you with meaningful advice that is of relevance for you.

You would like to find out more details? About the best moment for social freezing, the method itself, or an alternative? Get in touch with the physicians of the PAN Institute and benefit from their more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of women wishing to become pregnant!

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